Tips on Developing a Good Reading Habit

Tips on Developing a Good Reading Habit

There is no better way to entertain yourself and learn at the same time than reading. Reading is magical, and once you are into it, there is no stopping. When you read, you become more focused, and the fact that everything is described in a very detailed manner keeps you well informed and improves your vocabulary.

Sometimes you might love reading books but setting time aside to read may prove very difficult. Getting yourself to always having the enthusiasm to read is a tough journey, but you can easily get there with the right tips.

The following tips can help you to turn into an avid reader quickly.

Select Books Matching Your Interests

select books matching your interestIt would be best not to start with books you have completely no interest in, thinking that you will like them. You must first choose books that align with your interests and then gradually expand to other books as you develop more into an avid reader.

If you feel that you will enjoy reading plays, novels, autobiographies, or philosophy books, then that is what you should read. However, do not limit yourself to specific books as there are thousands of books out there that you can still enjoy reading.

Begin with the Topics You Enjoy

Reading is a fun experience, but the fun can be spoilt if you embark on reading topics you never truly love. For you to become an avid reader, you must cultivate a reading culture, and this starts by reading issues you love. While when you were in school, you had to read topics you disliked, but now you can choose only what you love.

Do not force yourself to read a certain genre just because your friends say it is cool. What they like sometimes cannot be what you like. Do not take much of your time reading anything that is not appealing to you. Start with the topics that you can read and feel eager to know what will happen next.

Get Recommendations from Friends

get recommendation from friendsIn most cases, you find that you share the same interests with your friends. This means that your tastes and preferences might be the same. In some cases, a friend you share interests with read may read a book and says it is perfect.It would be best if you could try it.

If you love the book, you can go as far as reading other books from the same author as the writing style might be the same. For instance, I enjoy reading books written by Sir Rider Haggard because of their adventurous nature.…

Tips for a Smooth Career Transition

Tips for a Smooth Career Transition

There are so many reasons why people transition in terms of their careers. Career transition is the process of moving and changing into a new career. Whether you are transitioning to a new sector or career, to a new location, to retirement, into a position of leadership, following redundancy, or even transitioning back into employment because of an extended leave for whatever the reason, career transition may be challenging.

Career transition can be a fairly easy process for some. But for others, it can be challenging and difficult on every level. For those of you who find career transition challenging, here are a few tips for a smooth career transition:

Seek assistance and accept help

asking helpWhen you are transitioning into a new career, don’t be afraid to seek and accept help and support from anyone. There are career transition services that you can seek help from. They can provide you with career coaches to guide and help you navigate the transition process, which will make the career transition much easier for you.

It is also important to connect and network with people who can help you. Reach out to people, to associations, to companies, and to leaders whether in person or virtually on social media platforms, like Twitter and Linkedin. Networking is important because you will be able to know about jobs that aren’t advertised. You can also ask your colleagues or friends for their counsel, tips, introductions, and advice.

Focus and keep an opened mind

In the process of career transition, it is important that you focus on where you want to go. You can start by picking a tribe or a lane that you prefer. You can be focused on a group or tribe that you want to be a part of, or you can be focused on a career path or lane. However, you should also keep an opened mind. It is okay to do some informational interviews, shadowing, internships, freelancing, and trainee work. When you are in the process of career transition, sometimes you have to start a new career all over again.

Be prepared and decide on a plan

planIt is important to prepare and plan for a career transition. You should make yourself prepared by researching, tailoring your resume, improving your Linkedin profile, practice before being interviewed, acquire new skills, as well as taking time for self-development. You need to decide on a plan by knowing what you should be doing. You need to set your self some goals that you want to achieve.…