All You Need to Know About Microsoft Excel

All You Need to Know About Microsoft Excel

It is no surprise to find out you take some things for granted, yet they could make a significant difference in your productivity. Today you are going to learn life-saving and straightforward tricks for Excel. You are probably wondering what else might come up after you got your revision kit in order and you went through every page of the book.

Your colleagues in the office might already be using the routine functions and working their jobs morning to evening without complaining. You also face no incentive to try something new, except that you can gain a few minutes per task, which translate to tremendous savings in a week.

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With the Excel power tricks, you could be doing data entry and analysis work in a few hours, yet it takes other people days. You could either be on top with the work reports so that you are the celebration of the office. Alternatively, you can use the extra time for your other businesses, both personal and professional. For instance, you are taking time off to see your child’s drama or soccer performance. You might also stick around the office and learn something new

Learn the Basic Math

microsoft wordBasic math for Excel allows you to add or subtract figures in columns, filter your ordered tables so that you view specific data. You need to learn to use columns correctly so that you could filter them easily. Remember that the input is as valuable as the output.

Like any other program, you must be using Excel with a programmer’s mindset, yet you might be an ordinary data entry pro with a few special analysis needs. Use columns well, and your rows will fall in place. That statement is usually known only to the advantages of Excel, but you now have it too.

Start Using the IF Function

The other powerful bit for Excel that could ensure you are among the most advanced users would be the IF function. It is a logical function where you state the before and the circumstance, and the Excel output gives you the outcome. Once you get it, you could come up with infinite IF functions.

You could come up with data and put in the IF function to ask “if a sum is lower than a specific threshold, then the output should be negative” then the data could be for rating your colleague’s friendliness. You could in a few minutes rate your colleagues and output a system that shows who is the best and the one who scores the worst.

Use the IF For Non-Work Functions

Get more Excel tricks and see ways to improve your earnings.Think of your Excel training in the same manner you did your touch-typing training. It was hard, and it looked too foreign, but you got the gist of it, and right now you type without a thought. In the same way, you will be applying Excel IF function in almost everything, and you will be so much product then you are right new…